We help you choose the right tech tools for your business.

You need a digital strategy in place to make sure your business systems scale as you grow.

G Suite is the missing link in your business.

We help you make the move to the world’s leading email, contact, calendar and file storage system with ease.

Scale your online presence with WordPress + Divi.

We’re pros at developing and hosting awesome websites on Divi, the world’s leading WordPress theme with a visual editor.

What Happens When You Try to Move to the Cloud Alone…

We see it all the time – business owners that get themselves in a bind after using Dr. Google to pick the right systems for their business.

“It’ll be easy,” they say.

“Look at all the whiz bang things this tool can do!” they shout with glee.

“I’ll just sign up for the free trial…” they continue, clicking away with reckless abandon.

Months later, most business owners realise that the only thing they’ve gotten for their free trial is a recurring ding on their credit card (that they won’t notice until well after the fact, of course) and an endless string of Getting Started… emails flooding their inbox.

Shortly after signing up for tech tools online, the high wears off. What at first seems like a grand plan to automate an entire business quickly becomes overwhelming and difficult to implement. Things can go wrong. Lost data, customers left in a lurch, team members screeching, “My phone’s not syncing!” during that important initial consultation with a client.

If you’re a business owner and this sounds like you – congratulations! You’re absolutely normal.

With an increasing number of tools on the market today, it’s impossible for you to stay on top of it all and run a successful business. We come in and work alongside you to generate radical change in short spurts (we call them Catapults, you can call them whatever you want!) as a result of a higher-arching plan for the future of your business.

☁ Cloud Success Story ☁

Find out how medical recruiting company Blugibbon went from small Aussie startup to a global business within six months of completing their Digital Catapult. Business owner Sam Whitaker was even able to take a year out of the business working from his home in the UK with a newborn daughter while the business continues to run smoothly in Sydney.

Work with Get Digital Flow to Move Your Business [Painlessly] to the Cloud

You’re a busy business owner. We follow a simple structure to help you move from totally confused to tech superstar (weeeelllll okay better than you were before!).

Step 1: Digital Audit Review

Do an entire review of your business’ cloud technology systems from top to bottom. Then you’ll have a starting point to launch from going forward.

Step 2: Catapult Your Business to the Cloud

In 1-month spurts, we help you to make drastic moves forward in your business by migrating you to the right cloud-based solutions. Custom packages are configured depending on your needs.

Step 3: Maintain Your Systems

We help provide ongoing support to keep your business humming along. In some cases, we can even get you on single billing for your cloud tools going forward (with sweet deals).

Who We Work With

Get Digital Flow primarily works with professional services businesses with up to 20 staff – lawyers, consultants, coaches, mortgage brokers, financial advisers, accountants…even veterinary practices! If you’re not sure we can help your business, your best bet is to book in an audit and we will let you know.

Why We Do What We Do

We love seeing businesses shine in the face of adversity. Technology is tough, and it keeps changing. By educating business owners about the best cloud technology and providing clear, structured service offerings, we feel like we’re doing our bit of good.

Our Framework

We use a basic, yet extremely powerful,  framework to help you categorise the cloud technology you are using in your business and identify the gaps. Of course, one size does not fit all! Chances are you have additional needs that will be taken into consideration.

Get Digital Flow Framework

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A few of the businesses we’ve helped streamline:

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