The Blugibbon Story

Blugibbon is a medical recruiting business that provides locum and long-term employment for healthcare services and professionals all over Australia. Founded by Sam Whitaker and Terry Cornick, who are both originally from the UK, they realised a gap in the Australian market for quality medical recruiting services that also provide 100% online compliance systems to comply with strict regulations. In addition, they wanted to avoid being a traditional recruiting company, and be able to provide services anywhere; even to doctors moving from overseas to work in Australia.

The Goal: Move the entire business to the cloud so that Sam and Terry could raise their new (and impending) families from anywhere and scale the business globally.

The Situation

When Blugibbon came to Get Digital Flow, they had a smattering of tools that they were using, but no clear strategy. They used MS365 for emails and calendaring and primarily Dropbox for file storage. Since they shared a lot of spreadsheets of information, they faced a huge issue in not being able to collaborate effectively and kept losing the current version of documents. There was a cloud-based compliance management already in place that needed to be used.

Even though they were all in the same office, there were communication issues between the team, making it hard for Sam and Terry to imagine growing the business beyond Sydney. In addition, the team had varying levels of tech savvy and little time to dedicate to learning the new tools.

How Get Digital Flow Helped

During the one-month Catapult, Get Digital Flow started with a migration from MS365 to G Suite. Once the team was comfortable and all files had been moved across to Google Drive, team training commenced. From there, everyone in the team got on board with LastPass and Asana. Behind the scenes, a new WordPress + Divi website was developed and the site was secured with CloudFlare. The team were already using Jotform, so this was integrated into the website for easy recruiter registration. All contacts who had given their permission for Blugibbon to contact them at the many conferences they had attended were consolidated into ActiveCampaign and email marketing campaigns commenced. Finally, the accounts team, who were already using Xero, added on Receipt Bank to save time and hassle in organising supplier invoices and expenses.

1-month Catapult
Time taken on-site: 2 days
Team training time: 4 hours

Blugibbon - Website

The Outcome

Several months post-move to the cloud, Blugibbon has gone from strength to strength. It wasn’t all easy; there were hiccups around using some of the tools that had to be troubleshooted along the way, but the team persevered and even added some great additional tools, such as a document signing add-on and Boomerang for Gmail to streamline client communication.

Blugibbon has gone from an Australian start-up to a global business, adding on not only Greengibbon for corporate skin cancer checks, but also Blugibbon UK. That’s right, as of January 2017 Sam has welcomed a new child and relocated his family back to the UK for a year and will run the business remotely!

Congratulations to Blugibbon! Please visit them online at

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