Need Help Choosing The Right Cloud Based Tools To Organise And Automate Your Service Business?

We can help automate and systemise your entire business with the latest cloud based tools and technology. Book in your session today and find out what tools are right for your unique business!

  • Do you feel like your business is living in the dark ages?
  • Does your business still rely on outdated systems such as paper, excel spreadsheets and outlook to manage clients and contacts?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the latest cloud-based tools and technology to create a smarter, faster and more automated business … but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the different solutions available on the market?
  • Have you spent hours (even days) researching different solutions only to feel more confused and overwhelmed than when you first began?
  • Do you feel uncertain and unsure about what tools, technology are going to be right for your unique service-based business?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then we know exactly how you feel and we’re here to help.

Are You Suffering From Digital Overwhelm?

Every day we speak with service based business owners who desperately want to upgrade their business with the latest tools and technology, but are feeling frustrated and confused by the overwhelming number of solutions out there. You could literally spend weeks researching and testing different cloud-based solutions only to feel more and more confused. You could even sign up and start using a new tool, only to accidentally because you don’t know what you’re doing. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Finally, Get Help Choosing The Right Cloud Based Tools To Streamline And Automate Your Business

Get Digital Flow takes the pain away from sorting out your business systems so that you can focus on what you love. We provide the high level strategy as well as optional implementation and ongoing support for business owners who want everything done for them.

David Williss - Williss Consulting

"The service and product have been amazing."

I was referred to Laurel and her team at Get Digital Flow by a colleague. The service and product have been amazing. Even with the time difference between the eastern and Western states, I have found communications with Laurel to be effortless. Thank you again for working with me to develop my brand and website, which has enabled me to refine and find clarity in my core products and services through the business. This has now created a foundation for my business marketing.

David Williss, Director, Williss Consulting

When you start your own business, it's because you love doing what you do. What you don't realise is that that isn't enough, especially now, in 2016. As much time needs to be spent developing your skills, your products and services and your relationships as it does developing the technology side of your business.

When I met Laurel, I was overwhelmed. Instead of showing me every product that was available, she talked about what I was familiar with - my business. From there, she designed a tech plan for my business. This not only included marketing, converting leads and attracting new opportunities, but also managing my current clients. She patiently led me through the process and by the end of our time together, not only did I have a business that was set up in the cloud, but I could also operate it myself.

The best thing about Get Digital Flow is that they don't just use one product, they are flexible and integrate the systems you need to make your website and your tech presence as relevant to you as possible. I highly recommend an audit and website appraisal. Not only has Laurel helped me build my website and digital presence, but now I can confidently run it myself whilst coaching executives, which is what I love.

"The best thing about Get Digital Flow is that they don't just use one product, they are flexible and integrate the systems you need to make your website and your tech presence as relevant to you as possible."

We help you to understand how to use the following tools to automate, streamline and get flow in your business

G Suite

Meet Your ‘Cloud Whisperer’

Laurel Grey - Get Digital Flow

“Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with making things more efficient. I used to turn in my essays in Grade 3 typed and printed, even if it meant sacrificing marks for handwriting!”

Laurel Grey is a self-proclaimed technology geek. Originally from Upstate, New York (yes, that’s close to Canada), she’s spent over a decade traipsing around the globe before moving to Sydney back in 2013. She loves working with business owners to hash out their biggest business issues and plan for a painless solution. “I always look at how the business owner’s life can be transformed when he or she has more control over their business. The extra time, less stress, ability to make more informed decisions–these things are priceless! Fortunately, many of the niggliest problems can be fixed with some of the simplest technology… and a little bit of training.” she says.

Laurel worked in Denmark, Thailand and Singapore before making the move to sunny Australia. Her most recent gig, before jumping ship into the IT world, was running a training program for Adam Khoo, Asia’s number one motivational speaker. “Working with Adam and the team taught me so much – it allowed me to let go of the idea that I had to live a specific lifestyle and helped me to see that I have 100% control over my life and business. With a little bit of concerted effort, anything can be done.”

How the Free Digital Audit Works

You can get started right now. Yes, right now. Pop in your name and email address below and you’ll get instant access to to the checklist and can book your totally free (and totally no obligation) 30-minute Free Digital Audit Review today.

Provide your basic details

Pop in your name and email address to get started.

Fill in the checklist

It will take you about 10 minutes to complete the checklist.

Book in a time for your review

You will be directed to an automated booking calendar.

Here’s what we will cover in your free session:

  • An overall assessment of where you are at with your business in terms of techology
  • Where the gaps are in your cloud based systems
  • What are some of the easy wins you can start with to get ahead
  • Whether or not a Premium Audit is right for you

Here are a few things we will not cover in the session:

  • Final recommendations on software you should use in your business
  • Specific advice around your business processes
  • Financial advice – although we can recommend tools to get you financially well organised

What is a Premium Digital Audit?

The Free Digital Audit is awesome. Full stop. You will definitely get a benchmark for where your business is at and where you can improve. We can even potentially set you up on one of our Catapult packages based on the information from the free audit. However; due to the time it takes to really understand your business and how you operate, we need to dig waaaaaay deeper. You’ll get a true action plan for moving forward and choosing the right cloud-based tools that will work well together.

Here’s what’s included in your Premium Digital Audit:

  • Intensive Digital Audit Review Session – a phone or Skype call or face-to-face meeting to discover what you’re doing well (and where you can improve), around the cloud technology in your business. For sole traders this is usually 1.5 hours – depending on the size of your business it can take more time. A full estimate will be provided to you after your Free Digital Audit Review.
  • Written Audit Report – an extensive, custom written PDF report around 15 areas of your business
  • Follow-up Session – a review your report and explain our recommendations verbally. No lost communication here. You get:
    • Specific recommendations on the tools you need to succeed – rather than being vague, we do our research and provide you with a complete list of the tools you need for your business.
    • Cost estimates – complete costing around your annual (or monthly) investment in technology, so that you can…uh, sleep at night?
    • Implementation plan – we give you our best guess at what it would take for us to make the technology function in your business. We will state clearly that you can also use the report to get costing from other IT providers too – because…why wouldn’t you? You’re a savvy business owner (duh).
    • Follow-up support – even if you don’t choose us as your IT provider (sad face), we’re happy to answer up to five (5) support tickets with questions. Just email them to and we will answer within one (1) business day.

Sole Trader

It’s just you and you’re the only one who needs to be involved in the conversation.

$697.00 + GST*

Small Team

You have a small team (around 4 or 5 staff) and have a few opinions to throw in the mix.

From $997.00 + GST*

Larger Team

You’ve got a growing team and are ready to truly take your business to the next level.

From $1,597.00 + GST*

*25% of the cost of your audit will be credited towards any 1-month Catapult package you take up within six (6) months of the Premium Digital Audit (from 1 January 2017).

We Use a Special Framework to Analyse Your Business

During your FREE Digital Audit, we will assess these basic areas and fill in the gaps.

Of course, if you’re a more specialised service-based business, a Premium Digital Audit will cover off on the whole range of solutions you require for your business.

Hooman Zahedi - Straightforward Clinics

"All of my staff now can effectively save time and communicate with our clients and each other."

All of my staff now have a great understanding of the benefits of G Suite (Google Apps for Work) and how we can effectively save time and communicate with our clients and each other. The continual support and after care from Get Digital Flow is second to none. Laurel's care and advice is amazing.

Hooman Zahedi, Owner, Straight Forward Clinics


Laurel is truly the cloud whisperer. Laurel and her team are fantastic and know everything there is to know about cloud based solutions. I have been working with Laurel and her team at different stages of my business development. They have helped me grow and saved me lots of time and heartache! So when it came to a refresh of my website it was a no brainer to turn to Get Digital Flow!

Georgie Rees, Owner, Clutterfly Home & Office Organisation

Georgie Rees

"They take care of so much in the background, giving me a chance to focus on actually using the solutions without stress - so everything is seamless!"

…here’s the VALUE we see you getting IMMEDIATELY:

  • No more sleepless nights worrying about whether or not you should choose software X over software Y
  • Informed decisions from here on out – and a partner to consult with (yea, you’re part of the family, just don’t expect an invitation to Thanksgiving!)
  • Someone to do the dirty work for you (yea, we can implement that, just give us 1 business day…)
  • Clarity around the next step – no pie in the sky aspirations sold here
  • The peace of mind knowing that you are doing the very best for yourself, your business and your customers (absolutely priceless)

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