Laurel Grey

Laurel Grey is an Organisational Analyst at Get Digital Flow.

She holds a Business Degree, with Information Systems and Organisational Behaviour specialisations, from Boston University. She graduated in 2006 and since, has continued her relationship with the Boston University Sydney Program.

Since 2014, Laurel has mentored six (and counting) interns from the program. It is one of her life’s passions to see budding entrepreneurs get a taste of business in action and it is one of her goals to host at least three interns from the U.S. every year.

Prior to working with Get Digital Flow, Laurel ran Happily Organised in both Singapore and Australia, partnering with Howards Storage World in Singapore and offering both home and business organising solutions. After working with nearly 200 clients, she decided to focus on the digital space for businesses, joining Get Digital Flow in late 2015.

Before getting into the organising world, Laurel worked for motivational speaker Adam Khoo for several years, organising the English educational training arm, and subsequent franchise business, for Adam Khoo Learning Centre.

It was there that she met one of her most profound mentors, who taught her about getting buy in from employees around technology. “We were working in situations where employees might not get access to the systems for days in Indonesia, trying to keep them current.” She realised it wasn’t about the technology itself but what it could do for you. “You can have the best technology systems in the world and have it be meaningless without employees embracing and using it every day.”

She got her passion for international work and travel whilst studying at Handelshøjskolen i København (Copenhagen Business School), studying for a semester and then running a summer-long cultural immersion program for students across the globe alongside one of the most laid back Australians alive. From there, she moved to Thailand to teach English for a year before relocating to Singapore to work as a brand consultant at Lucidity, spearheading brand revamps for Lim Chee Guan, Turbo Italia and more.

Laurel Grey: Tech Bytes

A self-proclaimed technology geek, Laurel has always enjoyed streamlining technology throughout her career. It isn’t a surprise that she jumped at the chance to become an Organisational Analyst at Get Digital Flow, helping small and medium businesses to organise and automate their technology so that they can focus on what they do best.

“There are so many choices for apps and tools on the market,” Laurel says. “Making an informed decision these days means staying up late poring over shabbily written online reviews and testing out free trials with limited data. I’d love to see a world where business owners outsource that stuff to the pros and move on with what they’re good at.”

In addition to disrupting technology at Get Digital Flow, Laurel hosts two programs on Business Blueprint TV: Teach Me Tech, an hour-long demo-based program showcasing the latest cloud applications, and Tech Bytes, short technology snippets aired on commercial breaks.

“It’s either you stay current with technology, or you figure it out later, at a higher cost and with a whole lot more pain,” Laurel says. “The more we can empower business owners to take control over the solutions they use, the more we’ll affect their success in the long run.”

On the weekends, Laurel retreats back to Manly, where she lives by the beach and is known for throwing raucous dance parties. She’s still getting the hang of the beach lifestyle thing, but other than tanning well, her beach volleyball skills could use a little work.

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