Why you need to automate your scheduling system

Well, you don’t, if you’re totally happy booking in appointments over the phone and over email, reverting back and forth on times and locations, confirming on appointments and dealing with postponements and cancellations manually, of course. What? Did you really just say you wanted to spend hours and hours doing that?

Okay, we get that it can be hard to let go of appointment booking, but we often suggest that business owners at least allow potential customers to book in some initial time to chat at first, via their website or from a link in their email signature, to get the ball rolling and save you precious time. How you choose to automate that further, or if you choose to depending on your business, is up to you.

Our recommended solution





Your ongoing annual cost

Free Plan – 1 event type, Google Apps for Work integration

Premium Plan – USD $96.00 per user – unlimited event types

For the most up-to-date pricing, please visit the Calendly pricing page

We’ve tested a lot of appointment systems in our day, and Calendly takes the cake when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. Even for the biggest technophobe, Calendly makes scheduling a myriad of appointment types easy. Since we work with so many consultants and coaches, we love how easy it is to link in your bookings with Google Calendar and get going with time-based appointments in under ten minutes.

The best thing is that this system works so well for business owners who are just starting out – when you are building a new business it is particularly crucial to have a professional presence. Nothing will enable others to take you more seriously than you taking yourself (and your time) seriously. Even if it feels a bit funny at first, we recommend enabling a ‘time to talk’ link, of ten minutes, that you can append to your email signature so people can book in with you. We guarantee they’ll get to the point!

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