Why you need to have complete control over your brand


Remember the  old days, when  you had  to have  a license for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on your computer – and  then they would come out with a new version – and  you had  the  buy the  whole upgrade again? These  days, business owners no longer need to have  the  full functionality of a tool like Adobe Photoshop in order to make  fantastically beautiful designs for their whole business. I mean really, we’re mostly designing social media posts and  jazzing up elements for our websites, not designing full multi-page documents for print.

For you as a business owner, there is a greater need than ever to create awesome digital content for your business. The more control you have  over your brand, the better it will be recognised, especially in a sea  of social media where we’re  inundated with graphics and  content at every click. We recommend choosing a tool that  allows you to set  the  standard for your brand, while allowing anyone with internet access to implement the  creation of graphics for you without straying from your look and  feel.

Your ongoing annual cost

Canva is a completely free tool.

Canva for Work is USD $9.99 per user

Canva is browser based, and  allows you to create designs for web and  print. With Canva for Work, you can set  up your brand toolkit and  load in your business fonts and  colours once.  Whenever you create a new design, your brand guide will automatically be applied. Canva for Work also has  an amazing magic resize feature, meaning you can create designs once and  then resize your Facebook post,  for example, to Twitter, Pinterest and  a myriad of other social media channels. That means you’re literally cutting out 90% of the  hard work in creating designs for multiple channels.

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