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Oh how we adore CapsuleCRM. We’ve seen a lot of business owners go a bit haywire when it comes to managing contacts, we’ll be honest. Lost LinkedIn connections, business cards forgotten in a drawer…often because you don’t have one single place to keep that information.

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management system, holds you accountable to your contacts. And we don’t just mean potential customers – we mean anyone you liaise with in your business. You never know where your next referral could come from!

The aim here is to keep in touch with people in a non-salesy way, and the only way you can do that is if you keep diligent track of your customer information in one place.

Right, about CapsuleCRM. First of all, it integrates natively with Google Apps for Work, meaning when you get a new email from someone, you can simply click “Add to CapsuleCRM” at the bottom of the email (when you’re logged in using Google Chrome). This is going to make your life infinitely easier.

It’s browser based, so you can log in from anywhere and work on segmenting your lists by tags. From there, you can easily add whole lists into MailChimp with yet another awesome integration.

Within each contact, you can add social media details, contact details and custom fields to make CapsuleCRM work just right for your business.

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