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CoSchedule takes your website content to the next level. New business owners – this is probably something to aspire to once you’ve got your content consistent. Existing business owners that are ready to get writing, investing in CoSchedule will hold you accountable to what you say you’re going to do. Especially if you’re extremely visual, CoSchedule gives you an indication of not only what content you’ve got scheduled, but it also integrates with Buffer to track social media shares on your articles.


CoSchedule Website

14 Day Free Trial

Hop on over to the CoSchedule website, or install the WordPress plugin directly, to activate your free trial. If you want to start off with one business account, we recommend beginning with your info@ or admin@ email address before you start collaborating with team members.

CoSchedule Calendar

Built-in Scheduling Calendar

Let’s be honest, WordPress is pretty darn clunky when it comes to viewing your editorial calendar all in one spot. We just love the simplicity of the built-in CoSchedule calendar, which allows you to see a high level overview, colour coded of course, of all of your content.

CoSchedule User Dashboard

One Stop Shop for All Your Content

With an intuitive user dashboard, CoSchedule allows you to see your upcoming posts and top posts in one shot. If you’re running more than one blog, you can keep track of everything on one location with the dashboard.

CoSchedule Social Statistics

Keep Up-to-Date with Your Social Stats

Rather than logging into each social media channel individually, or sifting through buffer, CoSchedule allows you to view all of your relevant social statistics in one place, right within WordPress. You can schedule all of your sharing to social media from directly in CoSchedule as well, saving you loads of time.

Integrates with WordPress

Of course CoSchedule integrates with our beloved WordPress, streamlining your experience just as it should. That means, when you update a post in CoSchedule it’s automatically done in WordPress. No double-handling here.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration

Oh man, you already know how much we adore Google Calendar – with one click you can sync your editorial calendar with Google Calendar, and have it sync on your phone, so that you’re always up to date with what’s happening. If CoSchedule were a person, we’d be hugging him right now!

Google Drive

Google Drive (Docs) Integration

Ooh baby, that’s right – you can actually draft your content in Google Drive, using Docs, and collaborate with your team there, and then sync the content right up with CoSchedule. This is perfect for creating not only blog posts, but also internal resources for within your business or for your customers. CoSchedule reckons they save 30 minutes a post with this integration – we measure our success in glasses of wine. 1 glass saved per post!

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