Customer Relationships

Why you need to keep close tabs on your customers

(and everyone else)


Have you ever tried to remember the  last email conversation or call with a customer or supplier, and  totally blanked out? Agreed to follow up with a lead and, after  a great weekend with the  family, spaced out the  following Monday  and  lost the  deal? Unless we write things down, we forget  them (it’s a fact), and  a CRM is there to take stuff having to do with people out of your head and  in a central location.

A CRM can also be so much more – a place to help you segment your customers and keep  an eye on your sales pipeline as well. Heck, we even  use  it to keep  track of our holiday card  list. The point is, though, a CRM alone is not going to help you generate more sales. It’s going to help remind you of what to do to stay in touch with people, customer or otherwise. You don’t know where your next  lead is going to come from – and  it’s often following up in a non-salesy way that  gets  you across the

Our recommended solution




Your ongoing annual cost

Free Plan – Up to 2,500  contacts (no Google Apps for Work Integration) Premium Plan – USD $12.00 per user account per month (unlimited contacts and integrations)

Oh how we adore CapsuleCRM. We’ve seen a lot of business owners go a bit haywire when it comes to managing contacts, we’ll be honest. CapsuleCRM integrates natively with Google Apps for Work, meaning when you get a new email from someone, you
can simply click “Add to CapsuleCRM” at the bottom of the email (when you’re logged in using Google Chrome). This is going to save you loads of time when adding contact details straight from email signatures.

CapsuleCRM is browser based, so you can log in from anywhere and work on segmenting your lists by tags. From there, you can easily add whole lists into MailChimp with yet another awesome integration. Within each contact, you can add social media details, contact details and custom fields to make CapsuleCRM work just right for your business. Get out there and test it out!

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