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Okay, we’re just going to put it out there and say it. We’re HUGE fans of Divi, the all-encompassing, beautiful theme by long-time front-runner Elegant Themes.

We’re such big fans, in fact, that we no longer provide support on other themes for customers. That’s right, we’re only working with Divi now to provide customers with a fabulous WordPress experience that simply cannot be compared.

Remember the old days of entering shortcodes like this [blahblah]Some of your text here [/blahblah]? Gone! Divi is a 100% drag and drop theme that allows even the most un-techie folks to build out their own websites – without a pro. When you combine the ease of Divi with tools like Canva for Work, it’s impossible to go wrong. We work with you to get the sizing and the templates set up in Canva for Work, and then set you free to continue maintaining your site.

In 2016, we worked to build a fully managed WordPress + Divi hosting system alongside DiviSpace. You can even set up your own Divi website FOR FREE with us. We fully host and maintain the site, meaning all you need is a username and password and you’re off and running. Once you’re ready to go live, we have affordable and flexible monthly hosting plans (along with awesome discounts for more than one (1) site.

Ongoing Cost

$50.00 + GST per month (AUD) for your first site
$25.00 + GST per month (AUD) for every site thereafter

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