Tired of running around for signatures? DocuSign has you sorted through its electronic signature service!

How It Works

DocuSign enables you to easily sign PDF & Word documents, fill out forms, and collect signatures from others. This is done directly through the application. Simply upload a document and send it off or sign it off to your recipient. It’s easy (and fun) as a signature only requires a click of a button to put in your customized signature on demand. No more printing out PDFs to sign or typing up your name as your online “signature”. DocuSign allows you to streamline the approval process while keeping a professional appearance to your customers and vendors.

The smart thing about this app is that it syncs with all your favorite apps such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce. Link up documents from your integrated cloud service and send it off right away to be signed. Add a tech-savvy side to your business to impress your customers!


Customers have noted that it saves them a huge amount of turnaround time, in addition to saving paper. A win for business and the environment! It’s also accessible on the go. A simple notification is sent when you receive or send your documents. Your intended recipient simply needs to go in to review the document to tap and sign. Less unnecessary meet-ups and more productive meetings!

Setup and Pricing

The setup process is quick and easy. Simply follow the tutorial and customize your very own electronic signature. To integrate with your customers and vendors, they will have to do the same thing. But don’t worry, it’ll be quick and painless! In terms of pricing, it ranges from $13 to $185 a month, depending on usage and the amount of users in your company.

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