Domain Name Registration

Why you need to spend some time considering your online address


Think of your business as a house that you’re building – you want to ensure that you
have the best plot of land on which to build right from the outset. With an increase in specialised domain name extensions (also called TLDs), you now have more options than ever to brand your business exactly how you want it.

We recommend getting all of your domain names centralised in one place, so that you can successfully manage your online presence. This makes it much easier to set up domain and email aliases, ensuring that customers are able to find you when they need you. That doesn’t always mean registering your business name alone, but also could mean that you have a few addresses that describe your business, i.e. as well as of

Our recommended solution

Get Digital Flow Domains (//

Your ongoing annual cost

AUD $15.00 per domain* per year
*Note: new / / domain names require the purchase of two (2) years up front. For specialised domain name extensions, we can advise you on custom pricing and registration.

Sure, you could use one of the well-known domain name registrars out there to manage your domains, but we add value in the consulting that we provide around your registration. If you’re not sure about the right names to register for your business, we can help. In addition, we also provide complimentary domain name server (DNS) management (most other providers charge for this), meaning we can assist you in setting up your website hosting and email management quickly and efficiently. If you have any queries at all, don’t delay – just drop us a quick note on and we’ll sort you out.

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