Email, Contacts, Calendar & File Storage

Why you need it to tackle this area of your business first


In the old days, email used to be simple. You got an email address and then loaded the details into Microsoft Outlook (shudder) to send and receive your email. Your calendar items and contacts all got saved to your computer and life was hunky dory.

Fast forward to today’s reality, and we no longer have just one device we’re working from. It’s more like five or six, between our work computers, desktops, laptops, tablet and mobile phone. You absolutely need to have a fully hosted solution that syncs between your devices and is in the cloud. The solution you choose should be the core of your business, and also allow you to collaborate with your team cohesively.

Your ongoing annual cost

AUD $50.00* per account

*Plus GST for Australian businesses.

Holy moly, without Google Apps for Work, the  world would be full of lost emails, missed appointments, and  general misery. In all seriousness, Google Apps for Work serves as the  central crux to any business. It’s a fully customisable, hosted solution for all of your important stuff: your emails, contacts, calendars and  all your files!

Google Apps for Work gives you the  same power that  huge organisations have  over their information, meaning you run your business like the  enterprise it will become – with a single login, you can access all of your information, from any device, and  share and  collaborate seamlessly with members of your team like never before.

As an additional bonus, it integrates natively with other great Google tools such  as Analytics, My Business, Google+, Hangouts (a cooler version of Skype) and  more. With open integrations to nearly all of the  tools outlined in this book, you’ll also have  single sign on to your whole business, all within Google Chrome. Score!

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