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For everyone out there who thinks HR management is probably the worst thing about owning a business… Say hello to Employment Hero! Taking HR and Payroll to a super-easy-to-use platform might be the best thing that could ever happen to your business and your HR managers will love you for it.

Employment Hero is incredibly easy for both managers and employees. It simplifies timesheets, recruitment management, payroll, and just about everything anyone ever dreads about HR management. Not to mention the millions of trees saved by storing safely in the cloud! This tool allows businesses to automate bunches of HR paperwork and requests, cutting down hours (and $$) spent on HR management. 

One of the things employees love most about Employment Hero is the super simple benefits program.  Employees can easily manage and check up on their benefits programs without any hassle or and without any crazy costs for you, the super smart business owner who chose Employment Hero. The interface is wonderfully simple and intuitive, which cuts down on the usual confussion people face when trying to interpret the status of their benefits program. 

Easy employer easily integrates with other very useful tools like xero and MYOB, making it effortless for your business to function smoothly in the cloud! 

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