Why you need to host your forms to collect data

Sure, WordPress has  a myriad of plugins to accommodate forms.  Since the  hosting for those forms  tends to be hosted by the  website itself, that  means that  longer forms can tend to time out if they are  too long.

In addition, most plugins just send you an email note when  someone fills in your form…wouldn’t it be great to keep  all of that data in one  place? With hosted forms,  you can do just that  and  keep  your data securely stored in the  cloud.

In addition, you can even  accept payments, making one off events and  even  recurring subscriptions (if you use  Stripe) a breeze. Even if your business is small and  starting out, and  all you have  is a contact form, we recommend switching to a cloud-based solution right from the  start and  thinking about every possibility where you can collect information using forms.

Our recommended solution

Get Digital Flow - Wufoo


Your ongoing annual cost

Free Plan – Three (3) forms with up to ten (10) fields each

Premium Plans – From USD $15.00 per month

For the most up-to-date pricing information, please visit the Wufoo website

From the  simple user interface to drag-and-drop functionality, Wufoo is just easy for you to use.  Need to create an event registration on the  fly? Wufoo has  the  fields you might need ready for you to drop them into your form. From there, you can customise the  field titles and  help text to ensure a completely unique experience for the  person using the  form.

Once  you’re done creating the  form, you can completely configure the  the  redirection (premium plans only) and  email message that’s sent to the  end  user. This is perfect for creating a little bit of mini-automation. Because Wufoo has  its own WordPress plugin, you can easily integrate your form into your website. This means you can keep  your customers on your website longer, and  track those statistics with Google Analytics.

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