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Get Digital Flow - Help Scout

Help Scout is a leading customer support system designed for businesses with various sizes and needs. We love that it integrates natively with Google Apps for Work, meaning it’s super easy to get you (and your team) going. Once you decide on your mailbox or mailboxes, you simply forward your mail into the respective mailbox, and you’re good to go.

Help Scout allows you to review incoming emails, change the subject and assign the threads to teammates. Better  yet, you can also write internal notes to your teammates letting them know what you want them to do with the ticket.

To build out your help desk, you can also write saved replies, which your teammates can use in a pinch if they’re stuck with the words to use or if you want to use a standardised response across the board.

No matter how small your business, Help Scout creates a unified inbox, so that you can confidently expand your team without worrying about emails getting deleted or lost.

The premium version also includes a rating system, which means your customers can leave feedback straightaway. Awesome!

Ongoing Cost

Pricing is in USD and you must pay Help Scout directly.

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