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Oh the wonderful things the cloud can do! Here at Get Digital Flow, Hubdoc is all we can talk about these days. Never again will we have to scavenge for old receipts, financial documents, invoices, or customer details in file cabinets, emails, and (lets be honest) the big stack of files in the back corner of the office. Hubdoc makes it incredibly easy for anyone to keep any and all documents safely stored and impeccably organised right in the cloud.

Hubdoc works its magic and does all the work for you in a fraction of the time it would ever take in the pre-cloud era. All of the document fetching is done automatically every day. The site even automates document collection from your bank, software company, utilities companies, telcos, you name it! And all this without ever having to give anyone full access to your accounts.

With hubdoc all set up, you won’t have to worry about pestering clients. Never again scramble around for important files and documents during tax season. Everything will all be easily accessible and readily available to you whenever you need.

Did you think it couldn’t get any more convenient than that? Think again. Hubdoc connects with your downstream accounting platforms to automatically create transactions in Xero/QBO. It even includes a source document attached.

We know what some of you are thinking…. it will take forever to get the heaps of paper bills and receipts that I already have into the cloud – this isn’t worth it. Our response to that silly thought is… No way! With Hubdoc, uploading paper documents is super easy. Just snap a photo or scan a copy of your document, upload it right on your browser, and let the site do all the work for you. Instead of having to take on the tedious task of typing in details like invoice numbers and total amounts, Hubdoc pulls all of that information for you and stores it in neat and tidy folders right on your dashboard.


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