Put simply, LastPass keeps all of your passwords in one place. You create one master login and LastPass takes care of the rest, saving all of your passwords (and more) in a single database that you can search on the go from any mobile device or from your Google Chrome browser on any computer.

This is another great example of how  G Suite is a lifesaver – if you’re logged into Google Chrome on your work computer with your primary work email address, you can link in your LastPass account as an extension right in the browser. By replicating the setup on your laptop, you’ll be able to have exactly the same experience.

And new passwords are saved instantaneously, meaning if you’ve saved a new password as you’re running out the office door, you can easily access it from your mobile device to set up apps on your phone or log into websites in the Google Chrome app.

By segmenting your passwords, cards and other important information into folders, you can easily review all of your stored information. For security reasons, this is a big pro – if you’re not using a site anymore, you may as well close down your account. LastPass gives you a clear picture of what you’ve set up and when you last used the site so that you can truly get flow in your digital life.

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