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We love MailChimp, and not just because it’s cute. MailChimp literally takes businesses from ground zero to complete automation, all under the same account, and that’s why we recommend that all of our customers start out with an account.

By giving you the ability to create and segment various lists for your business, you’re never far away from reaching just the right lead. When you’re setting up your campaign, much like Divi, there’s an awesome drag-and-drop feature that enables you to build out beautiful, professionally designed email marketing newsletters in a single mouse click.

How It Works

MailChimp is a email marketing campaign system that is both beautiful and easy to use. Under the premium account, you can even schedule your campaigns in advance, meaning you can plan ahead and match up your awesome campaigns with your social media, using Buffer, all well before Friday afternoon cocktail hour hits. Best of all, the substantial reporting feature gives you complete insights to how well your campaigns are performing, and integrates with Google Analytics so that you’re on top of what’s happening with your traffic flow.


Why should you use e-mail marketing? Some might say that in-person advertisements are always the best. That’s true but e-mail marketing helps you generate leads that you might not have gotten if you only stuck with word of mouth advertisements.

Setup & Cost

MailChimp is easy to setup. Just login and start building your campaign. The tools are intuitive in the sense that you can drag and drop – what you see is what you’ll get in the end! If you are starting off and have less than 2,000 subscribers, you can get MailChimp for free! The Pro edition costs an additional $199 if you are more established and want more control over your e-mail marketing campaign.

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