Why you need to at least consider going paperless

The dream of a perfectly paperless office has not yet come to complete fruition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come close. There’s some paper that can be digitised easily, and we’re all about helping you to put the systems in place to make that happen. Especially when it comes to receipts and statements, there’s really no reason to hold on too dear. In fact the ATO (Australian Tax Office) has given a number of apps the a-okay to store your receipts in.

And let’s face it – the more of a handle you have on your physical environment, the more flow you’ll be able to have in your life. A clear physical space means a clear digital space…and a clear mental space for you! We’re not saying you have to be 100% paperless, but you can at least clear some of your backlog and get an ongoing system in place to keep things maintained.

Our recommended solution




Your ongoing annual cost

FREE! WordPress is an open-source platform. In addition, we buy the Divi license for you – for life. You’re welcome!

Shoeboxed is pretty much your partner in paper sanity – it allows for you to send in (by email, upload or regular old post) your documents, business cards and receipts for digitisation. That means you can keep a Shoeboxed envelope in your bag, add in all of your loose papers throughout the week, pop it in the post and have it digitised for you without lifting a finger.

Best of all, they use human verification, meaning someone double-checks your scans. We love that for business cards, especially after attending a big networking event. The online platform allows you to also download documents as PDFs and send receipts directly to your cloud accounting software, like Xero.

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