Receipt Bank

We all know how overwhelming it can be to try to keep track of hundreds of paper receipts for every little transaction. Receipt Bank is here to make it all more manageable. Just snap a photo, upload it, and feel free to toss all that paper in the bin (recycling, of course). We highly recommend this to service-based firms that have to deal with tons of high-volume transactions a month.

How It Works

Receipt Bank aims to reduce the amount of time required to move an invoice or a receipt into your books. Simply take a picture of your receipt or get your customers to submit their invoices and the compiled data will be waiting for you on the other end. Instead of wasting hours typing up your expenses into a spreadsheet, spend a couple minutes sending photos to the application. The images and documents you send get automatically processed into raw data for your spreadsheets. No work required on your part! The smart thing about this app is that it syncs with all your favorite apps such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce. Link up documents from your integrated cloud service and send it off right away to be signed. Add a tech-savvy side to your business to impress your customers!

Additionally, use the Bookkeeping Scorecard service to find out which clients are slowing you down and where your team excels. You can even compare with similar companies in the field with their live-benchmarks to see how your company fares with the competition.


Save time and money! You waste less time manually entering data when it’s time to close your books. You also waste less money paying for extra bookkeeping help. Save your staff from the repetitive work!


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