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ScribblePost is the world’s first Productivity Network. It’s a single place to capture and manage all your work-related information: notes, tasks, projects and emails. ScribblePost is modeled on the way people naturally scribble notes on paper, so it’s extremely fast, flexible and easy to use. You can use it to work productively on your own, and with anyone else – even people who don’t use ScribblePost. That’s why we call it a Productivity Network!

What are the problems ScribblePost solves? What are the key benefits?

We are building ScribblePost as a new type of productivity software – a Productivity Network. It solves two key problems:

1/ Email is a terrible tool for getting work done. One big problem with today’s productivity tools is that they only cater for personal productivity, or at most, team collaboration. However, most of our work also relies on interactions with a broader network of people i.e. customers, suppliers, contractors and even family and friends.

So, we end up using email…a lot – but email is a terrible tool for getting work done because it gives us no easy way to track and manage tasks and projects that are mentioned in the body of our messages. ScribblePost, as a Productivity Network, lets you track and manage everything you’re working on – notes, tasks, projects, and emails, all in one place. It lets you collaborate productively with anyone, even people who don’t use ScribblePost. We call this idea ‘borderless collaboration’.

2/ Current productivity tools don’t help productivity. The second problem is existing productivity tools are based on ‘fill in the form’ design paradigms, meaning when you enter information it needs to adhere to a set structure, and when you try to manage your work it’s cumbersome and time consuming. People don’t think in terms of forms and they don’t want to be forced to work according to a set methodology. In fact, those structures break your train of thought and slow you down.

So, we’ve modelled ScribblePost on the way people naturally scribble notes on paper. We’ve worked hard to remove all friction points when capturing information (there are no forms or fields), so nothing gets in your way and you can work in a super-fast, free-form manner. We call this idea ‘frictionless data capture’.

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