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Billing Currency: AUD
Free Trial: 14 days

Coordinating schedules with your co-workers has always been a chore. Now with TSheets, you can conveniently plan out and see who’s working when and where from the comfort of your smartphone or computer.

How It Works

TSheets is designed to be as simple as possible to track and manage time. You and your employees can clock in and out in real time and allocate time to certain projects or events. This allows for simple and intuitive time management for everyone and less emails about when or where an employee is supposed to go for a project.

Additionally, you can even track where your employees are if needed. Using TSheets’ online time tracking for iPhone, Android GPS location points are automatically attached to the individual employee’s timesheet when they clock in or out, change job codes and more.

Now, the best part is that it can not only track time on the job but also paid time off the job. It’s an easy way to manage and make sure sick leave and annual leave are accounted for.

Setup & Pricing

To start using TSheets, sign up on their website and register for a plan. Everything is managed through the website so its quick and simplistic. If you ever need to use it on your phone, you can simply download it through the app store on your favorite iOS or Android device.

In terms of pricing, TSheets offers 14-day free trial to help get you familiarized. From then on, it only costs $5 per user per month plus a $20 base fee, in AUD.

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