It can be tough to communicate effectively with your team, especially when you’re limited to e-mails and phone calls. That’s why Voxer set out to make a comprehensive platform where you can text, record or send videos and pictures to your team members.

How It Works

Voxer is a communication application specifically engineered for teams in mind. Whether you want to talk to a hundred team members at once or put your phone on a “walkie-talkie” mode, Voxer has it all covered for you on one single application. Platform support is especially important for communication devices as people have different personal preferences. The great thing about Voxer is that it supports most major platforms including iOS and Android, so you never have to worry about compatibility.

One of their special features is the live audio feature. You can tune in while people are talking “live” and respond instantly or listen later when it’s more convenient. This feature alone can easily replace numerous apps that may confuse your employees and customers. No need to switch to Skype for a conference call, Voxer has you covered.


From a first glance, Voxer looks like any old messaging app. But don’t be fooled by appearances, Voxer is not a one-trick pony! In addition to texting, you can record and listen to messages and conversations – live! You can also communicate with your team worldwide. The app works on all data networks at no additional charge.

Setup and Pricing

Voxer can be downloaded on your computer or through the official app on your favorite iOS or Android device. Link it up with your other co-workers to integrate team communication and watch the magic unfold! Pricing starts at $0 (for personal use) to $3.99 per person if you’re using it within the company.



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