Website Hosting

Why you need to get hosting specific to your website

Traditional website hosting is generally not optimised to suit WordPress – in fact, what many hosting companies don’t tell you is that what you are really paying for is a bit of space on a shared server, where your WordPress website (or websites) are plonked and left like cacti in an abandoned desert. In reality, WordPress is a bright, vibrant flower that needs sunlight, water and lots of care.

Given the number of plugins that are installed on the average WordPress site (around 10), there are updates on nearly a daily basis that need to be made in order to keep it working well, not to mention the malware protection and more to keep your site secure and closed off to potential hackers. Do yourself a favour and invest in this aspect of your business.

Our recommended solution

Get Digital Flow Hosting (//

Your ongoing annual cost

Hosting from AUD $197.00 + GST
Maintenance from AUD $152.00 + GST

We offer fully inclusive WordPress solutions, whether you need hosting or just want to maintain your site. By working with leading companies such as Sucuri and ManageWP, we’re able to check in on your site on a daily basis in order to update your WordPress core and plugins. In addition, we keep tabs on your security by installing the right plugins and monitoring your site for malware and more.

The best part is that you never have to worry – if there are any issues, we have both email and phone support available to get your problems solved, by a real live person, quickly and efficiently.

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