Why you need to think about scalability now

Your website is the first thing that a potential customer is going to visit, so it’s a given that you need a fantastic online presence – we don’t think there are any arguments there. What many business owners disregard is scalability. You are doing yourself a serious disservice by thinking small – because your business is going to grow and the first thing you’ll need to expand will be your website. We recommend a database- driven website that allows you to add extras, such as event management or e- commerce, easily without changing your core site. In addition, you should have complete control to change your content and the look and feel of your site with ease – no more paying a developer to make every little change!

Your ongoing annual cost

FREE! WordPress is an open-source platform. In addition, we buy the Divi license for you – for life. You’re welcome!

Our recommended solution

wordpress WordPress // divi Divi by Elegant Themes // To view some of our lighter WordPress setup, upgrade, hosting and maintenance packages, please visit //

WordPress is, without a doubt, the world’s leader in website technology. It provides a basic content management system for anyone wanting to build a website, and integrates with a plethora of plugins to enhance the functionality of your site – often for free. If you want to host WordPress on your own, you’ll often need to work with an expert (ahem) to get it loaded up for you and customised to the look and feel of your business (that’s where we come in). There is a big learning curve with it, and we recommend letting the pros do the setup. Once you’re familiar with the theme (in our case we give you a drag and drop, easy as pie solution with Divi), you can take over editing and adding new content.

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