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We’ve been exceptionally loyal to Wufoo over the years. Let us tell you why – from the simple user interface to drag-and-drop functionality, Wufoo is just easy for you to use. Rather than muck around with a crazy complicated WordPress form plugin, you’d be much better off using Wufoo, which offers hosted forms for you and your business.

Need to create an event registration on the fly? Wufoo has the fields you might need ready for you to drop them into your form. From there, you can customise the field titles and help text to ensure a completely unique experience for the person using the form.

Once you’re done creating the form, you can completely configure the the redirection (premium plans only) and email message that’s sent to the end user. This is perfect for creating a little bit of mini-automation.

Want to collect payment? You can do that too with a premium plan. We recommend integrating Stripe so that your customer never has to leave the page.

Because Wufoo has its own WordPress plugin, you can easily integrate your form into your website  it takes two seconds and no knowledge of programming at all! This means you can keep your customers on your website longer, and track statistics with Google Analytics.

With a hosted login, you can access Wufoo from any browser and make changes on the fly to your forms. That also means that you can view extensive reporting on your forms as well as download the data at any time. You own your data!

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