Anyone with a business could use a tool like Xero. It is an absolute must-have for businesses of any and every size these days. Email? Check. Invoicing? Check. Payroll? Check. It’s all right there in one single handy tool safely stored in (you guessed it..) THE CLOUD!

This software will take care of all accounting needs in a business, always. Xero helps business owners keep up on everything on one single dashboard that happens to be incredibly easy to use. You  can always make sure all of your statements and documents are in compliance by accessing them anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Xero is automatically updated with live bank feeds and spending reports so you can know where your business stands financially at all times. You won’t even have to worry about checking up on your bank statements. Xero can be customized to automatically notify users of specific kinds of bank activity or to auto-approve negligible expenses like bank fees (ugh).  The software provides detailed expense reports, profit reports, and balance sheets to help businessowners assess their business without any tedious data entry or even math.

When we say a business of any size can use Xero, we really mean ANY size. Xero offers 500+ add-ons that allow for businesses to tailor the service to their own unique needs.

Email integration and networking is one of our favorite features on Xero. Things could not be any more simple than this. Consolidating all of your accounting and payroll management function tasks to your contact list and email will make it that much harder for any to slip through the cracks. We want every businessowner in Australia to love what they do and the best way to get there is by making sure they are using the right tools. If you are unsure about Xero and how it works for you, you can test out the site with their demo account. There’s a xero percent chance you won’t love it.

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