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How We Work

So, you decided to start a new business. Wahoo! We’re thrilled for you. In fact, we love watching business owners like you achieve success doing what they love.

What’s that? You already own a business and have been at it for a while? Congratulations are in order here. It is no small feat to start up a business and keep it going. Did we mention how thrilled we are? How much we LOVE watching business owners like you achieve success doing what they LOVE?

We love it so much, in fact, that it breaks our collective hearts every time we see a business owner struggle with the technology behind getting their businesses up and running or getting them to the next level.

There are more technology solutions on the marketplace than ever before. Hundreds and thousands of applications, fixing very different problems, at very different price points. If you’ve ever attempted to sit down for a few hours with your friend Google (maybe you typed: cloud tools for my business), chances are you’ve been left in a state of overwhelm, and perhaps despair.

Here are some of the questions (and statements) we hear all time (literally, a million times a day):

How do I know I’m picking the right tech tool in the first place – what should I even be looking out for?

Lots of business owners are starting from ground zero when it comes to picking technology tools to suit their specific business. We equate this process to buying a car for the first time – there’s a whole new language to learn, in addition to ensuring the car you buy drives well and is a good fit for you – how frequently you’ll be driving it, how far and in what conditions. We’re here to help demystify the tricky tech language and guide you along with the simple principles behind making good decisions when choosing the cloud technology for your business.

Ooh! I found a great tech tool called that has a free trial – what do you think, should I give it a go and then can the whole thing if I don’t like it? Yea, I’ll do that, there’s no harm in testing out different tools.

We don’t know what to say – that’s what these companies do to lure you in. They offer free trials! The only real advantage of a thirty-day trial should be that it saves you thirty days of paying for some really awesome software that you’ll love using in your business. We recommend going into the process of choosing your technology with both eyes open – and if you’re going to invest the time entering your information into any system, it had better be worth it, because the cost of switching can sometimes be high in terms of both money and time.

I really liked the idea of using tech tool xyz – all my business-y friends are using it. But when I got to the setup part, I only made it about five minutes in before I wanted to throw my computer out the window. Can you just help with the next step?

Sure, we could just help with the next step, but then we’d be up all night worrying about how it went! We’re pretty anal retentive when it comes to making sure our customers have their projects seen through from start to finish, so it might just drive us totally bonkers (you wouldn’t want that, would you?). We’d much rather take the reigns and get your system set up using what’s called best practice – a term we often use to describe the industry standard behind technology – you know, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and such. That way, you can rest easy knowing you won’t need to go back and reconfigure anything.

And one of our favourites:

So, I signed up for the paid version of tool xyz about six months ago, and every month they are debiting my business credit card. I know it’s meant to be the best on the market, but I just can’t seem to dig my heels in and get started – I’m just going to wait until I have a free Sunday to sort it out once and for all.

We’ve been guilty of this many times in the past – and have learnt from our trials and tribulations – often with software that’s too big for our britches. Our customers often want to go for the best on the market, rather than going for the simplest and easiest, because we see our competitors using the same thing. We can help you to identify and choose the right solution for your business, and then we simply set it up for you and give you the training, which means you can get your weekends back and know you’ve made a sound decision.

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